Match Reports 2007

Fourths win their first game (01/05/2007)

The La Trobe Uni D Grade (Fourths) started the year on a good note with a 14 -10 win over Ringwood down at the Chocolate Factory. The match began with both sides scoring freely as the Trobers big recruit Peter "Flip' Wilson strode to the mound hoping to continue his good pitching form from the summer Masters competition. Flip noted that the Ringwood batters were not like the old guys in summer and quite enjoyed his "junk" pitching, the short stop taking a particular fancy to a ball that was promptly despatched over the left field fence.

Not to be outdone the big red machine continued to pile on the runs themselves and maintained a small lead for the first few innings. Hayley in her first game started with a base hit to right field and was then batted around with a big piece to centrefield from Tony Bullen, to score a run in her first time at bat in the La Trobe colours.

Norm McHenry nonchantly watched over the third strike racking up our first K for the season much to the delight of Mossy, CHOGM and Sedgey. The fact that it would have been called a ball if thrown to a Ringwood batter did not warrant any reprieve from the ribbing he got for rest of the day.

When The Saints finally clawed their way to the lead it was time for the Humphster to get on the phone and alert the dug out he would be warming up and taking over the mound. The move also allowed us to get Ted ("I can't make the throw unless I field on the grass") away form a very short short stop thereby enabling us to finally get a few outs to balls hit to a normal short stop fielding position.

Mossy had to visit the bench after he pulled a fetlock in the beach between second and third, and Normy again gave the boys something to sledge him about when he was caught walking to first base while watching the play and was then thrown out by a step. 

Toes showed that pratice is over rated going 4 from 4 with 3 extra base hits after not swinging a bat since September last year.

Humph dutifully held them to only two runs and when Billy Fenton replaced Pete Gilson at left field the writing was on the wall for The Saints as the big red machine rolled on to a big win with everybody hitting the ball.

Next week sees a big double header at home when we get to watch our third nine as well.

The Big Red Machine is Rolling Again (23/07/2007)

What a season it has been so far. The first nine are sitting in second place. The second nine are sitting in second place the fourth nine are sitting in - you guessed it - second place. The thirds are in sixth place not likely to make the finals. But hey three out of four aint bad! The big red machine is back where it should be on at the top of the ladders. With September action looking very likely it may be time to get your boots and coat on and come and cheer on the big red machine. Daniel and the boys would be most happy to see you and Joan would love to serve you some food and drinks. There is a game at La Trobe every Saturday until the end of the home and away season and most likely the first week of the finals as well. Fourths win the 2007 Grand Final (3/09/2007)

Fourths win the 2007 Grand Final (03/09/2007)

The La Trobe University Baseball Clubs elder statesmen in the fourth nine have triumphed in the ultimate game of the year winning the D Grade Premiership.

The fourth nine went straight into the big game winning the second semi final 17 - 7 against Forest Hills at their home ground. But the boys from Neighbours country had their chance for revenge when they won through to the Grand Final by beating Bundoora 20 - 19. The oldies outfoxed their opposition by letting them think they had a chance of winning by not hitting the front until the very end of the match. Trailing 9 - 11 they scored the necessary three runs with two down in the last innings to win 12 - 11. The youngest member of the team was 43 years old and we had two players in their sixties!

Seconds Finals

The second nine lost their Grand Final against Waverley but the highlight was the comeback in the preliminary Final. They were losing 7 - 22 coming into the bottom of the seventh innings, I'm sure not too many people gave them any hope particularly the players themselves, and surely not any Footscray players. They then preceded to rattle off 16 runs in the bottom of the last innings to win the game! The umpire was required to call time and game as Jimmy deposited the ball over the left field fence to score the three runs needed to take the lead. That was the second home run of the innings as Jack had decided earlier that the left field fence was looking very enticing. Ollie also bounced one over the centre field screen as all the players peppered the outfield. Those that didn't hit to the outfield gave the third baseman and shortstop future nightmares as these two fielders made error after error allowing the big red machine back into the game.